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Fiscal year July 1 2023 - June 31, 2024.

Annual Pledge to All Souls NYC

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to all your questions about Pledging to All Souls. 

What is an Annual Pledge?

An annual pledge is a promise you make to donate a certain amount of money to All Souls in the next year. This enables us to plan our budget for the fiscal year. Without knowing in advance what people will give, it is much more difficult to create an accurate budget.


Why should I pledge?

You should let us know how much you are planning to give to All Souls so that we can manage our budget and financials. When we look at all our pledges, we can plan better for new programs and staff.


What if I can’t complete my pledge?

There is always a small percentage of our members who, due to unforeseen circumstances, can’t complete their entire pledge.  That’s okay.  Please just let the finance office know so that we can adjust the budget accordingly.


What is the best way to pay for my pledge?

The best way to pay your pledge is monthly by credit card or direct debit. This greatly improves All Souls’ cash flow so that we don’t have borrow money to cover our monthly expenses.  We recommend setting up a direct debit to your checking account each month, or a recurring charge to your credit card.  

I have more questions about pledging.  Is there someone I can contact?

Yes, you can contact Cecily Millen, Director of Growth.  You can set up a time for a phone call with her by emailing her at [email protected].


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