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There are so many great reasons to join our community here at All Souls NYC. In addition to joining a great group of warm and supportive people, as a member of All Souls you'll have an opportunity to help shape our future, vote at our Annual Meetings and receive updates on our financials and reports from the minister. You will also help elect our Board of Trustees, and, hopefully, run for an office yourself one day! We are always looking for strong leaders who can enhance our Board as well as our vision.
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Becoming a Member

The best way to explore membership is by attending one of our “All Souls in 20 Minutes” sessions, or participate in our “Newcomers Bagel Brunch,” both led by our Membership and Engagement Coordinator, Gretchen Gabrielson.  We also recommend that you find an All Souls group or program that interests you and begin your involvement by joining in. Or, attend our Sunday morning Adult Education sessions.

Eventually, when you feel comfortable doing so, you will be asked to sign the Membership Book, which makes you officially a member of All Souls. You are also asked to make a donation to All Souls once a year.  Twice a year, new members who have “signed the book” participate in a brief ceremony in the sanctuary, welcoming them to the congregation.


Upcoming Events

Our upcoming events are listed below.

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All Souls has many thriving groups through which you can connect with others who share similar passions and interests, as well as many volunteering opportunities where you can use your gifts and skills for the community at All Souls as well as for the greater NYC community.

Let us know how we can we support you or get you connected to the All Souls community? Click on the “Email Us” button below.  Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions you have. We are happy to help!

Questions?  We Have Answers.

We’re happy to chat with you and answer any additional questions that you have. Please feel free to reach out and someone from the leadership team will respond shortly.

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