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The mission of All Souls Historical Society is to stimulate interest in the history of our church and its members. We encourage research by collecting and preserving the congregation’s records and artifacts, and by making them accessible to all who are interested. Our digital archives include the minutes of the All Souls Board of Trustees meetings from 1819 through 1970, Annual Meeting minutes from 1922 to 1990, and much, much more. By understanding our history we can know where we stand, draw inspiration from our past, and chart our future together.
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Preserving Our History

The Unitarian Church of All Souls NYC was founded on November 15th, 1819. From its humble beginnings in a downtown parlor to its rise as a flagship of Unitarian Universalism, it has been a beacon for liberal religious thinking for more than two centuries. The story of our congregation is deeply entwined with the history of New York City itself. Many of our illustrious members, like William Cullen Bryant (poet and newspaper editor), Peter Cooper (industrialist and founder of Cooper Union), Louisa Lee Schuyler (founder of Bellevue Nursing School) and Calvert Vaux (designer of Central Park), have had a hand in helping to shape the city. If you would like to learn more, please get in touch.

All Souls NYC Herman Melville

Former All Souls Member, Herman Melville

Learn More

If you love history and want to meet a wonderful group of history buffs, then the Historical Society is the right place for you. Besides preserving the congregation’s records, we organize interesting lectures, publish books and an occasional newsletter, and maintain a website.

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Upcoming Events

Our upcoming events are listed below.

Historical Society Luncheon

All Souls Forrest Church Gallery 1157 Lexington Ave.

Please join us and chat about our history since 2019 and ideas for a rotating exhibit in the Gallery! Forrest Church Gallery & the AIDS Garden RSVP – Bill Bechman […]

Historical Society Annual Meeting

All Souls Forrest Church Gallery 1157 Lexington Ave. +1 more

Join us for the All Souls Historical Society Annual Meeting! In-person AND on Zoom. This meeting is open to all, but to vote for new officers you need to be […]

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