Social Justice

All Souls is a justice-seeking congregation whose members strive to  embody the Unitarian Universalist imperative to confront systems of oppression, protect human rights and heal the brokenness in our world.  Our work for justice takes many forms and addresses many areas from environmental justice to food justice to LGBTQ+ justice.

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All Souls NYC Social Justice Programs

Our Activities

The Heart & Soul Charitable Fund was begun by All Souls members in 1988 to support community-based programs which serve the city’s marginalized populations through the investment of time, money and compassion.  We have two programs based at All Souls NYC that feed the hungry: Monday Night Hospitality, which provides dinner every Monday night, 52 weeks a year, for approximately 300 guests; and Friday Soup Kitchen, which serves lunch every Friday of the year to 300 neighbors who are in economic crisis.  Navigators USA is an alternative secular scouting organization started at All Souls in 2003, whose mission is to help boys and girls build trust, respect, and self-esteem though adventure activities, and now has over 290 chapters. 

There are numerous volunteer opportunities with these programs and others supported by All Souls.


Upcoming Events

Our upcoming events are listed below.

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All Souls NYC Paper Dolls

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